Slot nut

Mini electric cylinder and slider can be mounted by using the slot nuts which are placed in the slots on the
bottom side of the profile.

Product Information

Material: Galvanized steel
Designation Select all Lead Time * Compatible with Mass (g) Nut type CAD Compare
2 MCE/MSCE 25 0.013 DIN562 - M2
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2 MCE/MSCE 32 0.035 DIN562 - M3
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/storage/E66C4F7128D211E1CF2355F48B633BBC1F2738CBF87DB25D4FF8B6D56DBAFB3A/805c70976a774034b5043129be873594/stp/media/1f9209312d324fae801de7a6ffaf52d7/CAD_SlotNut45-40682_SlotNut_Rollco.stp 1 MCE/MSCE 45 0.064 DIN562 - M4
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